About Us

Who we are

At Aunt Mary’s MJ, it all starting from breeding and growing. Aunt Mary’s MJ breeds and grow medical marijuana at large scales. We grow topshelf cannabis at our locations in Colorado and California. We do both indoor and outdoor. We grow the best Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. We use the moderm methods of growing using the best Feminized Marijuana Seeds.


Aunt Mary’s MJ is the best place to get your Medical Marijuana. We focus intensively on Medical Marijuana. Our main aim is to promote and sensitize people about the usefulness of medical marijuana.  Marijuana is not just a plant, it is a magic plant with a lot potentials, some of which are known and a lot of which is yet to be known. At  Aunt Mary’s MJ  we do a lot of research to about cannabis and what it has to offer to both the sick and  healthy people and nature.

Aunt Mary’s MJ has grown beyond boarders due to our relentless efforts to make Medical Marijuana available for everyone everywhere at any time. Not only are we famous in USA and Canada where we are delivering and are capable of delivering medical marijuana at every door step, we are also breaking records in Europe by delivering Medical Marijuana to all the knocks and crannies of Europe, Australia and Asia. At Aunt Mary’s MJ, we know the needs and potentials Medical Marijuana and we have taken it as our priority to make Medical marijuana available where ever it is needed.  In 2013, Aunt Mary’s MJ had to setup a strategic base in Europe from where we supply both retail and wholesale  to our European customers.